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My name is Jamila, but you can call me Jam. I am the founder, owner, and lead designer of Petal & Wren!

This dream grew from my love of nature ever since I was little, as well as my background in art + design.

In 2017, after 10 years in the floral industry, I decided to take a leap and venture out on my own. Working with flowers + botanicals is therapeutic for me and nothing brings me greater joy and sense of accomplishment than the process of creating something tangible that is unique and beautiful, that others can appreciate as well. 


It is so important for me to be genuine and honest with my clients, and don't think any part of your wedding planning process should feel like a chore. This is why I believe in a stress-free approach and work closely with my clients and my team in order to provide a unique floral experience. My main goal is that my clients feel supported every step of the way, and walk away truly satisfied with the final design concept. 


When I'm not working with flowers, you can find me having fun with my husband and our two daughters, hanging out with our chickens, watercolor painting, or watching Outlander. The Cape is our favorite place to be, and where my husband and I were married in 2021!



Zoe is one of Petal & Wren’s ride or die. She is upbeat, always down for an adventure, and an essential part of our crew. After working in the healthcare industry for many years, Zoe decided to take a step back and find something that ignited her creativity. This is how Jam lured her to her original basement studio and never let her go!

You’ll find Zoe on many wedding set-up days doing lots of leg work with a positive attitude, standing in traffic to direct Jam and her poor van parking abilities, and rating venue bathrooms on a scale of 1-10. Stem vulture, smilax wrangler, and overall badass human being have been added to her resume. 
She also may or may not have coined us the phrase “First we flower, then we fiesta”

When not "playing with flowers", you'll find Zoe with her husband, two kids, and one very giant special needs doggo.



Gi is our behind the scenes Queen.
She is the third Libra in our crew, who shares the best sense of humor, and has the uncanny ability to relate any situation to a SpongeBob episode. Plus, she's the kindest soul you’ll ever meet. 

You’ll find Gi most days keeping things in check at the shop, and designing some pretty beautiful things with her impeccable eye for design. And if you have a plant related question, she is the one we yell for. 

When she’s not flowering, you’ll find her adventuring for her photography business, finding random caterpillars (or injured birds) and raising them, and beating people up at Muay Thai.



Sam rounds (squares?) us out as the fourth Libra on the team. We really don’t know how this happened, and it's amazing we can make any decisions at all.


With her background in fine art, Sam has a keen eye for design and has worked with various talented floral designers throughout New England. Sam handles a good deal of administrative duties, client meetings and event management, as well as helping out on site for many of our events. With her bubbly and incredibly kind disposition, knowledge of florals, and positive attitude, Sam handles all these tasks with ease.

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